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Silent Crown

Silent Crown SC

Author: Feng Yue

4.23 (260 ratings)

610 The Final Absurdity 5yr

Translator: Nyoi_Bo_StudioEditor: Nyoi_Bo_Studio

"As everyone knows, in times of crisis, the most important presence will come from the Originator and they all possess unique specialties, such as Three Pillar God, Three Wise Men and Four Living Creatures…" Hermes continued calmly, "Amongst them, Three Wise Men was the catastrophe that was borne out of the Originator in adherence to the element of 'mankind'. You could say that they were created from the Originator because of humans. As a result, we walk on this world with the characteristics and mindset of humans. To mankind, we might be wise men that have grasped the secrets of the Originator, but from the perspective of the Originator, we are still a part of the Originator and were merely created because of mankind. In other words, you could argue that regardless of our own wishes, we still represent a form of interference in the world by the Originator."
He pointed at his head and continued, "This is why we are able to sense some things… Images of the future representing the chang

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