Mystical Journey

Mystical Journey MJ

Author: Get Lost

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Void Creatures!
Those gradually approaching in the dark were all Void Creatures!
In all of Garen's senses, only the sense of touch was functioning. The rest of his sensory organs were directly obscured by the darkness. Each of the Void Creatures' breath fluctuation were like ripples on the surface of water. They were spread out from a distance and came into contact with Garen's skin.
"Void Creatures? I didn't expect..." Garen's expression was a little bizarre. Others did not know but the thing which his Living Secret Technique did not fear the most was Void Creatures. This was because Secret Technique was created for the purpose of fighting against Void Creatures.
In the darkness far away, a creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body made up of black fog was closing in. However, just as it got nearer, an extremely powerful and horrific force was emitted out of Garen.
It made a terrified cry and quickly retreated.
These lowly Void Creatures naturally felt

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