Mystical Journey

Mystical Journey MJ

Author: Get Lost

4.16 (440 ratings)

1118 Unite 2 4yr

Translator: J_SquaredEditor: J_Squared

A dazzling white light burst forth and made a whooshing noise before a dark silhouette appeared.
When he realized that something was amiss, a jumping wormhole opened behind the black figure instantly. He retreated swiftly while attempting to escape.
Suddenly, a transparent and shapeless sound wave leaped across the distance in the middle. It sputtered out of Garen's mouth and struck the wormhole.
A puffing noise could be heard as the wormhole turned into fragile soap bubbles that evaporated quickly. The black figure who had just entered it screamed painfully. His body was instantly cut into two halves by the empty space before it self-detonated.
"There are more here!"
Ice-Crack snorted coldly and extended his hand simultaneously. He grabbed another black figure from a different area and pressed down against his head directly. He was getting ready to subdue his opponent but did not expect this person to detonate himself abruptly. He was able to quickly move backwar

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