Monster Paradise

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Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

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The black streak of light fell from the sky like a meteorite from hundreds of kilometers away. Without Xiao Hei's reminder, Lin Huang would have swung his sword at it from the beginning. Within seconds, the black ray of light had traveled hundreds of kilometers, heading towards Kylie. Before Lin Huang could catch the movement of the light, it penetrated straight into the golden cocoon that Kylie was wrapped in.
The cocoon's surface trembled slightly as its golden glow that was shining brightly remained. However, ever since the black ray penetrated into the cocoon, it had dimmed. The initial golden color had become completely black within seconds. On the black surface were lightning bolts that were covering the cocoon, the black electrical arcs spreading out. The cocoon was now a few times bigger than before.
Lin Huang watched the cocoon's odd transformation without blinking. After confirming that the cocoon was now dormant, he spoke to Xiao Hei again, "Is this a good or bad change fo

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