Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise MP

Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

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620 Stepping into Division3 2yr

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Lin Huang was feeling dizzy as he stepped out of the dimensional portal. It was the side effect of taking the long-distance dimensional portal. Even an imperial-level would experience the same feeling but milder. The two holy fire-levels who took the same dimensional portal as he did throw up after taking a few steps. A few staff in uniforms came and blocked the way of the duo.
"We're the staff from the health department of Sweep City. You guys have broken the rules of the city. Please show your ID and pay the fine as well as cleaning the trash."
The staff was all on immortal-level. The two holy fire-levels did not dare to talk back and paid a fine although they were still dizzy. They were released after cleaning the area.
"Breaking the rules? We'll be fined 1,000 Life Crystals just for vomiting?" Lin Huang thought that was strange. The rule sounded like it was fabricated. Moreover, 1,000 Life Crystals were enough to get a customized grade-1 relic. He figured that the staff must be

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