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It was Lin Huang's first time in Division 3. Although he knew something about the place from Mr. Fu, the information was from many years ago and might be outdated. He planned to settle down in a hotel room and find out more about Division 3 on his own, but he did not expect "tour guides" to be sent his way. Of course, he took advantage of them.
Sun Ba and the rest brought Lin Huang to an abandoned warehouse which was one of their gathering points. They did not dare to bring Lin Huang to their base camp.
"Dear Master, please ask whatever you have in mind. We'll answer whatever we know!" Sun Ba pulled a chair out for Lin Huang as they entered the warehouse while they stood aside. They were actually worried that Lin Huang might kill them.
"Isn't there anyone in the Sweep City who does anything about your scamming?" Lin Huang asked his first question. Theoretically, core zones should have better safety protocols than Division 7. However, the Sweep City, which was an A-grade foothold in

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