Monster Paradise

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Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

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Translator: chubbybunnyboinkEditor: Insignia

The Yao family heard about the news as soon as Lin Huang left the Abyss Brink. Instead of informing Yao Huanhuan, her parents contacted their elder daughter, Yao Lan, who was busy working.
"Lan Er, did you meet that Lin Xie kid at the Abyss Brink?" The mother asked during the call in the reading room.
"Yes, I did."
"What do you think about him?" The father asked directly.
"He's very powerful. I can't fight him even if we were on the same level," Yao Lan commented.
"It can't be. You're a supreme genius as well. How could you guys be so different ability wise?" The father frowned.
"It's not only his battle ability. He's much more powerful than normal holy fire-levels overall as well as being skilled in a variety of techniques… He's overall ability would top all supreme geniuses. Perhaps not more than five people of the same level could fight him in Division 3," Yao Lan gave an honorable comment.
"Did you fight him?" The father was surprised to hear her.
"No, I imitated what Huanhuan would say and do while I spent a day with him." Yao Lan smirked.
The parents were concerned. They did not expect their elder daughter to be this mischievous.
"His ability is indeed out of my exp

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