Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise MP

Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

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Looking at the monsters coming their way, Lin Huang used his ultimate move by summoning Bai, Charcoal and the rest. He summoned a total of ten of them. It was the first time in history that he was summoning the maximum number of monsters that he was allowed to. Tyrant was now in his original giant form as he dashed towards the monsters like a gigantic tank. Even though he was only an immortal-level rank-2, the immortal-level rank-3 and rank-4 bugs could not do anything to break through his defense. All he had to do was to wave his hands, and the bugs were slaughtered.
Bai, who was not far away, transformed the 12 bloody wings at his back into blades and sometimes into sharp thorns. The monsters that passed through were slashed into halves, or their heads were pierced through. None of them managed to escape. Bloody appeared as a cloud of purple haze in the battle as it extended its hundreds of purple tentacles everywhere. While its tentacles pierced the monsters, they were cast with pa

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