Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise MP

Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

4.2 (2,261 ratings)

916 Handling the Loot 5 months ago

Translator: chubbybunnyboinkEditor: Insignia

The long-distance dimensional portal traveling from Division 7 to Division 3 was located in Sweep City.
After walking out of the dimensional portal, Lin Huang did not head straight to Wanbao City. Instead, he disguised himself in a hidden corner without surveillance.
He changed his physique, features, and clothes. He then put on a demigod relic mask with a disguise function, changing his aura to imperial-level black gold-rank.
After making sure there were no flaws in his disguise, he headed straight to the black market of Sweep City.
Lin Huang walked into a store and spoke directly when a lady attendant welcomed him, "I'm looking for Hu Lu."
"Sure, please follow me." The attendant could tell he was a regular customer from his tone, so she brought him to Hu Lu's room on the second floor immediately.
Lin Huang entered and took a careful look at Hu Lu. "Are you Hu Lu? A friend recommended me, saying that you're reliable."
"Thanks for your friend's compliment," Hu Lu said without hu

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