Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise MP

Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

4.2 (2,259 ratings)

1136 Bug Tribe Invasion 1 month ago

Translator: chubbybunnyboinkEditor: Insignia

"Congratulations, you've killed the Titan Alligator (demigod-level) and obtained pseudo-mythical-level Titan Alligator Monster Card pieces x2."
Lin Huang turned his head to look at the gigantic monster carcass not far away after peeping at Xiao Hei's notification that popped up.
The Titan Alligator that was up to 10,000 meters long was currently covered in a layer of black goo. A moment later, the goo disappeared from the surface of the carcass like it had penetrated its body entirely. The giant alligator's three pairs of eyes opened all of a sudden while the six pupils turned pitch black.
In the next second, the Titan Alligator's body melted and turned into a black stream of liquid, returning to the Undead Styx's body.
It was the 16th demigod-level monster that Lin Huang had killed. He had killed all the demigod-level monsters on the third layer of the Abyss Brink once again. Since he had the Ninetails Lynx to bring him around, the round of slaughtering only took one morning.

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