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Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise MP

Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

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1426 Sword Alliance 3yr

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The eleventh wave of invaders arrived. Their combat level was already at Virtual God rank-8 although their numbers remained at thirty for each tunnel. 
It was also in this wave that the other summoning beasts began to reach the limits of their capabilities, except for Ku Rong, Bai, and Grimace.
With their combat levels suppressed at Virtual God rank-9, it was not a problem for Charcoal and Tyrant to eliminate thirty Virtual God rank-8 monsters. However, it was slightly harder for them to execute instant kills since their combat levels differed merely by a rank. 
In dealing with this wave of invaders, the overall killing speed of the summoning beasts slowed down significantly. In the previous wave, Lancelot and the rest eliminated their opponents in less than two seconds. However, in this wave, Lin Huang knew at a glance that it would take them at least seven seconds or more to kill their opponents.
Mr. Fu and many Sword Servants who were present at the scene also noticed the anomal

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