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Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

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From above the Peaceful Ocean, Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis spread rapidly. Using the boost from the world will, he scanned the whole sea area.
His Divine Telekinesis spread out like ripples on the surface of water, searching for anomalies inch by inch.
Unlike the Virtual Gods of this world, even though his combat strength was only at virtual god-level rank-6, the strength of his Divine Telekinesis was comparable to that of a ninth-rank True God. 
With the added boost from the world will, even abnormalities at a microscopic level could be easily sensed.
With this level of scanning, nothing under the surface of the entire Peaceful Ocean could be hidden.
All the virtual god-level monsters took cover when they sensed this wave of powerful, overwhelming Divine Telekinesis, wanting to shrink their presence as much as they could. Many of the monsters even began physically trembling for fear that they would become Lin Huang's prey.
After only a few seconds of scanning the area with Di

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