Monster Paradise

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Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

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1467 New Year’s Day 1 month ago

Translator: LambSheepMuttonEditor: LambSheepMutton

It was now the last third of the lunar calendar's twelfth month, and Winter City had long since been transformed into a snowy-white world, just like it had been four years ago at the end of the lunar year.
The Lin siblings were in the midst of watching snowflakes drifting down from the sky, their faces full of mixed emotions, when the door of the villa was suddenly opened by someone.
Standing in the doorway was none other than Lin Xuan.
"I expected both of you to arrive two days later; I had even planned to use all of today to pack, then go buy some things for the festivities and decorate the house a little." Lin Xuan's face bore a warm smile. 
"You arrived really quickly—we were delayed by less than ten minutes, and you've teleported over already," Lin Huang returned, going toward Lin Xuan as he spoke.
"I'd previously used a portal to set coordinates for this place. Since there wasn't anything particularly pressing, I notified Huang Tianfu after ending the call and came over imme

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