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On the 3rd of the first month, Winter City's consecutive days of heavy snow finally cleared up, and the city welcomed the rare warmth of the winter sun.
After finishing breakfast, the three Lin siblings did not linger for too long but headed straight back to Emperor City.
Over two months had passed between the invasion of the Thousand Snake Sect and the present. According to the plans Lin Huang had drawn up for his itinerary, it was almost time to go back to the great world.
Upon returning to Dynasty's headquarters, Lin Huang called a meeting the minute he arrived.
Apart from Mr. Fu and a few others who were either still in closed-door cultivation or at the wasteland ruins and were unable to be contacted, all the other Virtual Gods arrived within half an hour of being notified.
Although Huang Tianfu had not given the reason for Dynasty calling everyone together when he sent out the notification, practically everyone guessed that the Emperor was about to return to the great world.

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