Bringing the Nation's Husband Home

Bringing the Nation's Husband Home BNHH

Author: Ye Fei Ye

4.6 (23,143 ratings)

11 Small Acts of Love (1) 3 years ago

Translator: KingbaoEditor: DarkGem

Lu Jinnian coldly averted his gaze from Qiao Anhao's body. He completely ignored what Qiao Anhao said and raised his hand to unbutton his suit.
Qiao Anhao was used to being ignored by Lu Jinnian, but this time, probably due to the events three months ago, she could distinctly sense the frost radiating off him. She grew increasingly more nervous and wanted to run away.
Eventually, she couldn't take the pressure any longer and blurted an excuse. "Erm... my bath should be ready. I'll go take a bath now."
Lu Jinnian continued to ignore Qiao Anhao, causally tossing his suit onto the sofa before taking long strides out the door of the master bedroom.
Only after a long while after Lu Jinnian left, Qiao Anhao came back to her senses. She shut her eyes and took a deep breath before heading back to the bathroom.
If she could, Qiao Anhao would have hidden in the bathroom till Lu Jinnian left Mian Huan garden. However, no matter how much she tried to stall for time, she still had to face Lu Jinnian.
Lu Jinnian returned from the ensuite bathroom, wearing his pajamas. He laid on his usual spot on the bed with his hands behind his head and eyes shut, pretending to sleep.
The dressing table

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