Crazy Detective

Crazy Detective CD

Author: Kuang Hai Wang Hu

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"Your got longer!" Zhao Yu helped Miao Ying to her feet and wiped her tears away, while he held her hand tightly.
"How many times have I told you to not neglect your practice?" Miao Ying started lecturing, "Look how much you have you fallen behind! I only seized ahold of your neck earlier, but what if I had stabbed you with a knife?"
"Mm..." Zhao Yu quickly pointed at the mask and replied, "Your taste is getting worse. Why did you wear a Maori mask? The contrast is too striking. Actually, I knew it was you all along!"
"You're just trying to change the subject!" Miao Ying wiped away her tears and complained, "Ever since I left, you've never gone for training, right? Look how weak you have become! You're still using those same old moves! How can I not worry about you?"
"You're the one who is changing the subject! I defeated you in the end, right?" Zhao Yu protested.
"Can't you tell that I let you win?" Miao Ying refuted his statement stubbornly. "If I didn't show you mercy, you'd ha

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