Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

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301 Court Examinations 2 years ago

Translator: JTJTY97Editor: JTJTY97

She landed on the deck of the boat lightly with the tips of her toes. She did not make any sound as she landed.
Even so…
At the moment the lady's toes landed on the deck, seven girls dressed in green surrounded her.
The lady was right in the middle.
"Haha… I heard that Yun Qingwu was unique. I didn't expect that this is how she greets her guests?" The lady chuckled.
"Since you are a guest, please announce yourself!" A girl in green asked for the identity of the black robed lady.
"That's true, I am Wu Yuer." Wu Yuer nodded.
"Wu Yuer?!" The expression of the girl in green changed. When she looked at Wu Yuer, she seemed to tremble slightly.
"It looks like… you know me?" Wu Yuer smiled. Her skin was radiant, almost as if a gentle breeze had just caressed it.
"I don't know." The girl in green shook her head.
"Oh, is that right?" Wu Yuer ignored the green girl. She closed her eyes and listened to the music from the boat. "It looks like Ms Yun has other guests today."
"How do you k

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