Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

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Translator: JTJTY97Editor: JTJTY97

The wind continued to assault the people on the cliff. Fang Zhengzhi was they eye of the storm, the origin of this chaos.
The icy cold continued to intertwine with the rain, blowing Yun Qingwu's dress upwards.
No one wanted to get close, not voluntarily at least. However, Yun Qingwu stepped forward once again.
She was like a boat in the storm.
Alone and insignificant, but bobbing in the rough waters. No matter how strong the winds or how choppy the waters, the boat showed no sign of sinking.
"Fang Zhengzhi, if you want to kill Yun Qingwu, then you have to go through me, Si Ponan!" Just at this moment, another voice rang out. It was not loud, but everyone heard it.
Then, a figure stood up shakily, standing between Fang Zhengzhi and Yun Qingwu.
There were only three people on that cliff.
The only person who could put himself between Fang Zhengzhi and Yun Qingwu was the young, half kneeling vice domain chief.
However, this time, he did not address Yun Qingwu by he

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