Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

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The atmosphere in the palace felt extremely tense. It was difficult to tell if it was because of what Shan Yu said, or because of her rage.
Fang Zhengzhi didn't look at Lin Tianrong. He smiled at Shan Yu, "What if I told you it was?"
The crowd was in uproar.
Why would Fang Zhengzhi say that? Even if he talked in hypotheticals, this was also equivalent to pushing the blame to the Crown Prince.
Such audacity...
"Is he really trying to push this to the Crown Prince?"
"He could be executed for this!"
"Well... he would be executed anyways... right?"
The crowd looked at each other, eyes on the verge of popping out of their sockets.
The officials standing behind the Crown Prince were equally shocked. They were not shocked by Fang Zhengzhi's audacity...
They were shocked that Fang Zhengzhi would say such a thing with no evidence on hand.
However, they did not say anything. They simply looked at Shan Yu and waited for her reply.
"You bloody b*stard, h

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