Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

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588 Turning Big and Small, How Interesting! 2 weeks ago

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Likewise, this was an extremely handsome face that bore a 70% resemblance to Yan Xiu. However, this face showed no coldness, just arrogance, and insanity.
If not for his silvery-white hair, very few people would believe that this was the ferocious antihero who once dominated Western Liang, Prince Yan Qianli.
"This is Prince Yan, Yan Qianli?"
"How can this be? Why is he so young?"
"Shouldn't he be at West Sunset Mountain?"
At this moment, everyone's head appeared to have been cleaved open by a bolt of lightning. All of them opened their eyes in shock with their mouths agape.
Human-skin mask?
This thought flashed past everyone's mind, but it was quickly disproved. This was because no one could wear a human-skin mask and a golden mask on top of it.
Hence, the only possible explanation was that this was Yan Qianli's true face.
However, if this was true, it was the equivalent of confirming a reality that would shock both the Great Xia Dynasty and the Holy Barbarian Empire.

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