Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

4.3 (339 ratings)

591 Open The Heavens, Split The Earth 1 week ago

Translator: Sparrow_Editor: Sparrow_

Fang Zhengzhi was struck with grief. Although he didn't die, that didn't mean that he wanted others to know that he was alive, especially when King Xieluo was still alive.
In fact, when he noticed Yan Xiu rushing over, he had already figured out Yan Xiu's intentions, but he couldn't possibly let Yan Xiu sacrifice himself just to save him. And in that moment, stopping Yan Xiu was virtually impossible.
Hence, the only solution was to strike at the same time as Yan Xiu. This way, they would still sustain grievous injuries after being thrown into the air, but it would still be better than dying.
The result was clear - they survived. Then, the next step would be to play dead, right?
That was what Fang Zhengzhi thought, but he never imagined that Yan Xiu would suddenly stand up after seeing Yan Qianli crash to the ground, yet that wasn't even the worst part …
Why is Shan Yu standing up?
Fang Zhengzhi was still utterly speechless. He couldn't possibly continue his perfect plan to fa

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