Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

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The moonlight was bright and the night breeze was cool. The seven-colored light had faded completely, but the six-colored glow lit up once again. Although it wasn't as radiant as the seven-colored light, it still embodied a certain spellbinding strangeness.
"The Near-Life Dao!"
"Fang Zhengzhi actually knows the Near-Life Dao?!"
"That's impossible!"
Countless Northern Barbarian soldiers gazed up at this all too familiar sight. They all watched in awe as Fang Zhangzhi appeared with the Near-Life Gate, but they refused to believe that Fang Zhengzhi was actually capable of controlling the Near-Life Dao.
The Near-Life Dao! The symbol of the Holy Barbarian Empire!
Why can Fang Zhengzhi comprehend the Near-Life Path's profundities?
The Northern Barbarian Army were in complete denial.
"Is that really the Near-Life Dao of the Six Rebirth Dao Techniques?!"
"Has Fang Zhengzhi reached the Rebirth State?"
"No, didn't I hear that he's only in the Supernatural State?"
The Mountain Breaking

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