Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

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599 The Return of the King 1 week ago

Translator: Sparrow_Editor: Sparrow_

What was happening?
Fang Zhengzhi fixated his eyes onto King Xieluo's body, unable to contain his surprise.
He knew that King Xieluo would never let him go mercifully. And given the fact that Yan Qianli and Yan Xiu were both being attacked, they would never be able to rush over immediately.
Even if they were to rush over, it was impossible for them to suppress King Xieluo in his tracks. King Xieluo looked like he had been pulled back, and restrained from moving any further.
As he was thinking about all these, there seemed to saw a shadow standing behind King Xieluo. Raindrops pelted on her body, and the helm of her black dress danced in the sky.
There was a ring of glow on her neck, the ray of light not bigger than a fist, but it was bright and shiny.
That was a pendant.
A tear shaped pendant.
However, the pendant was cracked, little spots of light came shining out from it, circling around the pendant, forming a ring of light.
"Ping…...Ping Yang?!" Fang Zhengzhi could n

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