Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

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603 Bridge of the Heaven and Earth 1 week ago

Translator: Sparrow_Editor: Sparrow_

It was truly spectacular.
Relief and joy then overcame everyone on the battlefield. There was no doubting it. The moment the sword landed on the ground, the results were set in stone.
The torrential rain continued to fall.
However, the beast horde that was charging straight towards Flame Capital City stopped in their tracks. They stared at the fissure on the ground, more specifically, the figure standing right beside the crack.
King Xieluo stood there motionlessly with an expressionless face. The purple light that extended through his entire body started blossoming with increasing intensity.
It became brighter as time passed.
"You… are strong!" King Xieluo finally whispered. He sounded slightly unsatisfied with the results of the battle, though he was no longer infuriated.
"Actually, you are stronger than me!" Fang Zhengzhi nodded and he commended.
"But you won."
"That's true."
There were no more words. King Xieluo merely lifted his head slowly and he stared at the torrential

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