Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

4.2 (392 ratings)

661 Chapter 661 Green Thorn Burial 6 months ago

Translator: Sparrow_Editor: Sparrow_

If the coldness one felt in the Heaven Academic Altar was borne of murderous intent, the atmosphere could be said to be extremely intense. It was almost tangible.
The purple light rose to the horizon with wrathful murderous intent.
A longsword seemed to be hiding within the purple pillar of light. It was completely enveloped as the purple light swirled around its blade.
The sword name was…
"It's the Traceless Sword?" Lin Mubai shuddered upon seeing that sword. He looked as if he had been struck by lightning.
This did not only apply to Lin Mubai.
Prince Xian Lin Yun and the other three Majesties also stood up immediately as they stared at the sword.
They naturally knew about the legendary sword of the Great Xia Dynasty. The sword that belonged to the Sagely Battle God Meng Tian, drawn from the World of the Sages by Fang Zhengzhi. The Traceless Sword!
"Is this the Traceless Sword?"
"It is completely purple in color and extremely sharp. It is indeed the Traceless Swor

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