Paradise of Demonic Gods

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That lady nodded toward Maria's father arrogantly, while her eyes were still throwing sideway glances at Fang Xingjian. She said, "Young man, you shouldn't be ignorant of how big the world is just because you have a little strength. Who is your Master? I'm going to help him teach you a good lesson today so that you won't be spouting rubbish like this in the future. You might end up not even knowing how you died."
Everyone present looked at Mistress Crystal with great respect in their eyes. However, when they looked at Fang Xingjian, they secretly felt pity for him. To boast at the foot of the mountain where the Myriad Stars Palace was located and then get caught in the act by a second generation disciple… He was really extremely unlucky.
The generation count in the Myriad Stars Palace was constantly being changed. Currently, the first generation disciples referred to the Myriad Stars Palace's Astral Ancestor who was a divine level expert, as well as those of his generation. The second generation disciples were then people like Crystal.
Furthermore, Crystal was the Astral Ancestor's direct disciple. Thinking of how an important character like this had personally come to receive a

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