Paradise of Demonic Gods

Paradise of Demonic Gods PDG

Author: Bear Wolfdog

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656 Center of Attention 7 months ago

Translator: YukidarumaEditor: Yukidaruma

"It's said that the seven great clans have kept themselves hidden behind the scenes for years on end, but their hidden influence is by no means insignificant. They control countless aristocrats, factions, and organizations in the background. Do you know what today's gathering is for?" Audrey asked, astonished.
"I heard that the seven great clans are going to join forces," Xingxing`er said excitedly. "Look over there. That's Lightning Dojo's leader, Suede. And that person over there is from Eastern Sand Region's Flatley Clan..."
Audrey looked over, and under Xingxing`er's introduction, she saw the Fire Dance Sect, Five Thunders Cult, Oath of Romance, Heroes Society... All sorts of factions, organizations, and clans entered one after another, showing off the unparalleled hidden influence of the seven great clans.
Just then, a gasp rang out in the crowd. Audrey and Xingxing`er turned in that direction and saw a purple-haired young man who had sharp sloping eyebrows and a pair of bright eyes brimming with vigor. He entered while surrounded by many people.
Xingxing`er said agitatedly, "That's the son of the Illusory Clan's head, Young Master Meng. He is one of the Four Gentlemen. As

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