Paradise of Demonic Gods

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At the entrance of United States' American Broadcasting Company[1].
Fang Xingjian and Catherine got off the car slowly and looked at the building of the broadcasting company. After scanning it with his martial will, Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "There is quite a large number of people inside, but is its reach wide enough? I hope to get as many people around the world as possible seeing me teach sword arts.
"As for the degree of cooperation... Regardless of whether it is morning, afternoon, night, or late in the night, my teachings must be repeatedly broadcasted."
Catherine nodded and spoke with a hint of pride in her tone, "Xingjian, please rest assured. This is the ABC. There will be no problems.
"Regarding the degree of cooperation, Elena and my father have spoken with Robert in advance. It's definitely not an issue."
As one of the biggest broadcasting companies in the world, the United States' American Broadcasting Company was one of the Fortune 500 companies. It had over 200 subsidiary broadcasting companies under them in the United States and audiences spread across the Americas. The ABC was definitely a giant corporation.
Just as Fang Xingjian and Catherine were talki

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