Paradise of Demonic Gods

Paradise of Demonic Gods PDG

Author: Bear Wolfdog

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Translator: YukidarumaEditor: Yukidaruma

Systems had always been what extraordinary humans relied on the most.
For an expert like True Lord Qingshan, this was even more so.
This was especially the case as True Lord Qingshan had paid a great price all for the sake for this Fantasy Realm system.
He had even destroyed his own life, his views of the world, his values, outlook on life, and his own personality. For the sake of this Fantasy Realm system, he had destroyed everything he had.
Yet right now, this system was gone. It had been cut off with a gentle slash from Fang Xingjian. How could True Lord Qingshan bear this? He felt as if his heart was dripping blood.
"Fang Xingjian..." Endless fury burned in True Lord Qingshan's eyes like he was going to incinerate the entire world into ashes.
Sensing the killing intent coming from True Lord Qingshan and seeing the streams of chaotic currents flowing in the sky, Grand Duke Alba, who was standing at the side, was on tenterhooks.
"What's wrong, Sir? Has Fang Xingjian escaped?" Grand Duke Alba asked.
"He has, but there's no way that he'll be able to run," True Lord Qingshan said, with what seemed to be a material murderous aura shooting out from his eyes. He gritted his tee

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