Paradise of Demonic Gods

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Author: Bear Wolfdog

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Tiandao recalled that in the previous world, Fang Xingjian had been the strongest person in the Fang Clan. Additionally, even Tiandao himself had admired Fang Xingjian's talent and wanted to recruit him.
However, Fang Xingjian had been stubborn and refused to bend. He ended up taking three blows from Tiandao, and his martial will was forcibly shattered by the impact.
A hint of curiosity flashed in Tiandao's eyes as he thought, 'I wonder if there's a Fang Xingjian in this world and how many of my attacks can he take?'
Right now, 99% of the people in the Fang Clan's manor had retreated, leaving behind only 100 mechanized warriors that were covered in golden armor and emitting a faint blue glow. These mechanized warriors were all standing in the courtyard.
The military forces and the Thunder Monarch's Ford Clan were not the only ones who had developed new weapons after getting their hands on the information from the Moon's relics.
The Fang Clan had also benefited a lot from this.
These Divinity Challenger robots [1] were high technology semi-intelligent robots that the Fang Clan had invested several trillion dollars to develop.
Each of these robots had been created with the lat

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