Seeking the Flying Sword Path

Seeking the Flying Sword Path SFSP

Author: I Eat Tomatoes

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591 Bai Fu's Calamity 4 days ago

Translator: CKtalonEditor: CKtalon

Bai Fu secretly studied the mysterious incomplete bronze token for many days, but failed to decipher its use. Nor could he figure out its origins.
"Brother Qu, I'm here to take over your shift!" Bai Fu came to take over the guarding duties in front of North Star Palace.
"Brother Bai Fu, you finally came. Alright, I'll leave it to you." Another Heavenly general laughed as he left.
Bai Fu stood in front of North Star Palace as the Heavenly Eye at his glabella opened. With the North Star Palace's powers, he began looking over the Three Realms.
"Bai Fu, I heard you took an order to fight fiends a few days ago? You sure are diligent. Don't you know how to skive?"
"Yes, you had already reached the quota needed for your mission. You could have turned down the request."
The Heavenly generals beside him also began chatting amid laughter.
Bai Fu watched from the side as he said, "It's quite boring in the Heavenly Courts as well. Going out to fight allows me to oil my bones."
"Even if you

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