Seeking the Flying Sword Path

Seeking the Flying Sword Path SFSP

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Qin Yun returned to Mt. Lightning Roar with his granddaughter.
"Grandfather, I need to cultivate in seclusion. Do not let anyone come to East Jade Yard from this day forth," said Qin Yuluo.
"Alright." Qin Yun nodded slightly. "No one will disturb your cultivation."
The Qin Manor occupied an extensive piece of land.
East Jade Yard was where Qin Yuluo typically lived and cultivated. Now, she had barred entry to prevent herself from being disturbed.
"I was such a joke." Qin Yuluo sat on a granite platform by the side of the corridor. She fell into a daze while hugging her knees. This lasted for three months.

"You pulled Yuluo along to meet Meng Fu?" Yi Xiao was alarmed.
"Having cultivated for thousands of years, why even cultivate if she can't handle something as trivial as this?" Qin Yun thought nothing of it. He had experienced and seen a lot. From his point of view, his granddaughter's simple crush was nothing.
Yi Xiao could not help but say, "But love is something that hurt

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