Advent of the Archmage

Advent of the Archmage AOTA

Author: Mo Xiang

4.4 (970 ratings)

253 Humiliated 1 year ago

Translator: Vicky_Editor: Vicky_

Ferde Wilderness  
As every second and minute passed by, Romilson felt increasingly anxious. It would only be around one mile before he would miss Princess Milda's hiding spot.  
The presence of her blood was getting thinner, suggesting that her life was only hanging on by a thin thread. She must have suffered some fatal wound.
If I do not get there in time, I am afraid the princess…Romilson did not dare to continue on that train of thoughts. 
After ten more seconds, Romilson could not help but look behind him. He then saw Link leisurely following him 150 feet away. Romilson could clearly see the calm expression on Link's face as the distance separating them was short. Link appeared to be in control of the situation and even nonchalant, as though all these things did not matter to him.
Upon seeing his calm demeanor, Romilson could not help but shout, "Link, The Highness has suffered a fatal wound. She can only last for half an hour more!"
Romilson then turned back as the Mana wit

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