The Empress's Gigolo

The Empress's Gigolo TEG

Author: Xiu Lijian

4.5 (589 ratings)

112 Returning To The City, Menu 1 year ago

Translator: YHHHEditor: Book_Hoarder

"Why do I remember hearing about Deputy Ren's brutal killings." The empress's cold voice sounded. Ren Baqian's entire body stiffened at once.
What does the empress mean?
She knew that I killed Lian Baocheng?
Otherwise, why would she say such things?
Ren Baqian's mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts. At this moment, he wasn't sure how he should reply the empress.
The empress's next sentence made him feel as though he had been granted with amnesty.
"Forget it, I shall not hold you liable for whatever happened this time. Go and tidy yourself up. It's so shameful to be in such a mess," the empress continued saying.
"Thank you Your Majesty," Ren Baqian said promptly and retreated. He did not even dare to bring up any other matters.
After he left, Ren Baqian was practically certain that the empress already knew what happened. Otherwise, she wouldn't have said that last sentence. As such, he could be considered free of worries, and this would also prevent others from digging things up again in the future.
Naturally, he was unaware that the empress already knew clearly about his conduct and deeds.
After he left, the empress recalled Ren Baqian's mournful appearance when he

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