The Empress's Gigolo

The Empress's Gigolo TEG

Author: Xiu Lijian

4.4 (441 ratings)

113 General-in-Chief Who Supports the Nation 1 year ago

Translator: TYZEditor: Book_Hoarder

After Ren Baqian left the palace, another person arrived there.
The person was approximately forty to fifty years old. His appearance looked very ordinary. If he was thrown into a sea of people, no one would be able to identify him. He wore ordinary clothes and his height was considered ordinary among the aboriginals, with a height of 1.7 meters tall. Even so, he stood tall and imposing like a mountain, giving off an unmovable aura.
"Your Majesty!" the huge man cupped his fists and greeted the empress with a powerful voice.
"Give General-in-Chief who Supports the Nation a seat of honor!" There was a rare cordial look on the empress's face.
She would only act this way when she saw General-in-Chief Who Supports the Nation, Hong Wu.
The empress was only sixteen years old when she ascended the throne. One could imagine how hard it would have been for a sixteen-year-old to become the ruler of a nation. At that time, everyone, inside and outside of the imperial court, was observing her. Even Great Xia, the Yun Nation and the Chen Nation had countless people doing the same as well.
The level of her strength at that time was far from her current godlike level.
It was all because of

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