Why Did You Summon Me?

Why Did You Summon Me? WDYSM

Author: Sixteenth Basket of Mantaos

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126 Can You Guys Please Hurry Up?! 4 months ago

Translator: asukatarilinnEditor: pincushionqueen

Seeing the dense arrows that were about to fall on them, Attie and her subordinates were paralyzed with fear. One of them hastily hopped down from his horse and hid underneath his mount. And soon, all of them follow suit. Contrary to them, the three Divine Warriors were staring up at the sky calmly with a small smirk by the corner of their mouths.
As Baiyi's formation began to disappear, a strong wind suddenly blew into the quiet valley. Like a storm, the arrows were blown away by the powerful gust of air. In the end, they scattered on the ground.
That was a Level 8 Wind-type spell, it was a weaker version of Claws of Tornarus[1]. Although it wasn't lethal at all, it was very suitable to be used to deal with arrows, especially those types of projectiles that had no power at all. With Baiyi's current innate capability, he still needed to chant the full incantation of the spell even though it was a weaker version of the original spell. It did not come as naturally and easily to him lik

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