A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You

A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You ABSCAY

Author: Ye Fei Ye

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14 He and I Could Never Happen (4) 4yr

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Ji Yi had run out of the house because of He Jichen in the first place, so of course she didn't want to go back. What's more, she still had a backup bank card back at her dorm, so she'd rather stand by the road and wait for a taxi.
It was still early, and the roads of Beijing were crowded as usual. Ji Yi's house was in the center of the city where traffic was particularly heavy, so a lot of taxis weren't willing to take jobs there.
Ji Yi stared so intensely at her phone screen that she didn't notice an Audi had pulled up beside her.
The car window lowered, and the person inside looked over at her.
A few days ago, the temperature in Beijing had suddenly dropped. It was extremely windy in the evenings, and since Ji Yi didn't have her jacket with her, she shivered in the cold.
Seeing as she was shivering, the person in the car gradually started to furrow his brows.
Since she still wasn't able to hitch a ride, Ji Yi was just thinking about upping the ride price on her taxi-hailing app when she got a call.
It was her mother.
Without hesitation, she took the call.
"Xiao Yi, did something happen to your classmate? Is it serious?"
"It's nothing serious..." A gust of cold air blew

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