A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You

A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You ABSCAY

Author: Ye Fei Ye

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The moment she opened the door, the doorbell to He Jichen's suite coincidentally rang.
Ji Yi wasn't the least bit interested in who rang for He Jichen, nor did she care to glance at who it was. With her head low, she was just about to say: "Excuse me, could you please move aside" when Bo He said with a little uncertainty, "Xiao Yi?"
Ji Yi quickly swallowed her words. Besides Bo He, Lin Ya and Tang Huahua were also there.
"Xiao Yi, why are you..." blurted Tang Huahua, as though she didn't dare believe her eyes. However, before she could finish speaking, Bo He nudged her in the arm and shot her a look.
Tang Huahua suddenly understood what Bo He meant and immediately shut her mouth.
From what Tang Huahua and Bo He knew, Ji Yi knew He Jichen solely through Lin Ya and He Jichen was Lin Ya's boyfriend.
In that very moment, if Ji Yi wasn't in He Jichen's room to throw herself at him, then He Jichen was cheating on Lin Ya.
They were only there with Lin Ya to look for He Jichen, but in the end, they stumbled upon this...
Every so often, Tang Huahua and Bo He shot each other a glance.
The atmosphere turned a little awkward.
Ji Yi knew that Tang Huahua and Bo He had misunderstood.

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