A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You

A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You ABSCAY

Author: Ye Fei Ye

4.36 (1,344 ratings)

66 Waging a War for Her (6) 4yr

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She saw me go into the elevator, so she deliberately caught up just to show off in front of me?
Ji Yi pretended as though she didn't her at all and kept walking forward.
"Look. Just now, I said just two words to director Liang, and he immediately disqualified you from the audition. And what did you do? Couldn't do a thing about it but gloomily walk away." Qian Ge curved her red lips into a smirk as if to tease Ji Yi's helplessness. She continued to speak carefully.
"You said you want a place in the entertainment industry, but you can't even get through the door. How are you going to get a footing in this field?"
The more Qian Ge spoke, the better she felt, "Oh, that's not right. You can't even audition for a useless filler character. Again, how are you going to get a footing in this field?"
Ji Yi suddenly stopped walking and flashed a gentle smile.
I don't want to get caught up with her anymore but how am I supposed to stop her from rambling?!
With that thought, Ji Yi slowly turned her head towards Qian Ge. "Did you really think you're respected in this field? That you beat me? You say that I, right now, can't beat you since you're better. Then why don't you audition for a

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