A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You

A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You ABSCAY

Author: Ye Fei Ye

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79 Missing the Days When We Were Young (9) 4yr

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I don't want to get married, yet I think that's all I can do...
He Jichen suddenly remembered what she said to Qian Ge in the afternoon at the film studio, "Qian Ge. You're wrong. It's easy to escape your trap—as long as I get married..."
He Jichen's footsteps suddenly came to a stop.
Just to get out of Qian Ge's trap, is she really prepared to get married?
"But I really didn't want to get married..." After a while, the disordered Ji Yi spoke again incoherently.
He Jichen snapped back to his senses and continued to walk with a calm expression on his face. He kept walking steadily to his car.
"Don't want to get married, don't want to get married..." she repeated those words over and over again, with a more assured tone of voice. "...I don't want to get married a single bit..."
All of a sudden, a gust of breeze brought in a bone-cutting chill that caused her to shiver. Her mumbling voice cracked, but He Jichen still heard what she said. "... I've had someone I want to marry for many years now. Since many years ago, I've had..."
He Jichen suddenly stopped walking. The next second, he silently walked over to the car with Ji Yi on his back, pulled the car door open and carefu

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