A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You

A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You ABSCAY

Author: Ye Fei Ye

4.3 (627 ratings)

802 I Don’t Want Someone Better, I Just Want You (22) 4 months ago

Translator: PaperplaneEditor: Caron_

"So, He Jichen... you still want to be with me right?"
He Jichen had been staring out at the tall windows since Ji Yi started speaking, but when she finished, his gaze became a little dazed.
She said she liked him and she knew she liked him a long time ago.
She said she missed the days they spent together.
She also said she tricked him here today to propose to him.
For his entire life, this was something from his wildest dreams.
He wanted to tell her he wanted to be with her.
But the words boiled a million times over in his chest. Every time the words approached his lips, they were swallowed right back down.
He couldn't say them out loud because he knew far too well what it really meant to nod and agree to her.
It meant that people like those three women from the red plum garden tonight would be pointing fingers at her. 
By then, people would no longer be giving Ji Yi nice nicknames like the "queen of tv ratings," or the "nation's first love." Instead, they'd be calling her t

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