A World Worth Protecting

A World Worth Protecting AWWP

Author: Er Gen

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He even wanted to slap Wang Baole to death. But obviously, he couldn't. And he felt that… he might not be able to do so anyway.
He felt extremely depressed, and he was too lazy to fake a smile. He had his back turned towards his disciples as he gazed at Wang Baole while gritting his teeth.
"Even if I sell my sect, I won't have more than 200 Dharmic Battleships. Don't go overboard Long Nanzi!"
"I bled for your Violet Gold New Dao Sect and came here fearlessly. I came here to provide aid without caring about the potential consequences, and you say I'm going overboard? You want to repudiate your debt?" After hearing the patriarch's words, Wang Baole instantly became unhappy and stared. Wang Baole wasn't very confident that he would be able to retreat successfully if he fought the Sovereign Patriarch. But for a mere Violet Gold New Dao Sect patriarch, he felt that he could still bully him.
Wang Baole grew even more enraged in his heart as he spoke loudly.
"Is this the Violet Gold N

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