Lord of the Mysteries

Lord of the Mysteries LoM

Author: Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

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I raise my head subconsciously and glance to the side.
This instantly makes me feel a little uncomfortable.
This isn't because the other party is a gorgeous beauty, but because she's CEO Huang's daughter.
Miss Bernie Huang!
This lady's eyebrows are straight, her nose high, and she wears a pair of blue-tint colored contacts. Together with her slightly curled hair that she dyed a chestnut color, she has a level of beauty belonging to foreigners.
Seeing her look at me, I instinctively open my mouth to greet her.
Miss Huang?
No, that might bring about negative connotations…
My lady, Miss Huang?
It's too exaggerated, just like a brainless idol drama…
Madam Huang?
This clearly doesn't suit a young girl. She'll get angry…
Teacher Huang?
She's still a student…
As my thoughts run through my mind, the young lady, Miss Bernie Huang, nods at me.
"Hello," I respond reflexively, using an honorific greeting.
"Is my dad in the office?" Miss Huang asks softly.
"Oh, sorry. I

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