Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Author: 악중선

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697 Meeting at the Secret Bar (1) – Part 2 3 months ago

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At that moment, Ms. Jang came into the room. President Song teased her.
"Ms. Jang, right? Ms. Jang, you can't just come and go like that, leaving us by ourselves here with four floor cushions. One of them is yours, right?"
"Oh, my, I have to make money, sir, don't I? Even though this restaurant looks like a joke, it requires my close attention all the time."
"Didn't you miss me?"
"Huh? Sir, have we seen each other before? How can I possibly miss someone who I haven't seen before?"
"We just saw each other a few minutes ago."
"Haha. You are a funny man."
President Song was holding Ms. Jang's hand already. The internal auditor was just smiling. It seemed that he hadn't been to a place like this before.

Three pretty girls came into the room. They were wearing Korean traditional dress. Each girl sat next to each man to serve them during dinner. A moment later, another two girls came in with Gayageum*.
The room was soon filled with the melody of Gayageum, and the three men enjoye

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