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Level 0 Master

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139 Vol. 6 - Episode 7 11 months ago

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There was a worldwide party to celebrate the new Kaiser.

It was a real festival for the whole world. It was bigger and greater than the Olympics or World Cup. Everyone was able to enjoy the party thanks to Sungjin.

All across the cities, and even in the country towns, people enjoyed the party organized by the generous Kaiser.

"Did you hear that? We just have to pay half of the tax that we've been paying."

"There are hospitals that we can go to."

"Wow. The new Kaiser is giving us food because we are suffering drought damage."

People from other continents praised Sungjin's policy that he had started in the southern continent and that was now spreading all around the world.

"Long live the Kaiser!"

"Long live the Kaiser!"

Nobody on Earth who lived in a democratic country would praise their leader that much, even if he was being generous, but it was different in this world. The people had to praise the ruler to survive, even if the ruler was a tyrant, but Sungjin

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