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73 The New Year Party 3 years ago

Translator: LonelytreeEditor: Lucas

News about the New Year party and movie screening spread among the Hope’s citizens like wildfire. People weren’t expecting much from the government due to their busy schedule, but to have such a momentous date marked with a big celebration was a joyous comfort.

Of course this meant that the authority had more things on their plate. Personnel who were still stationed on the Hope and workers on the radioactive mining sites as well as the industrial level were going to return to the base’s residential area to join in on the celebration. Plans had to be made to tighten the security and to maintain order. Shifts would have to be introduced so that the guards themselves could take a breath and join in the fun.

However, what’s a party without food? And for a celebration this size, the amount of food they needed to prepare was ginormous.

But a promise is a promise. The authority wasted no resources preparing delicious meals and luxuries like cigarettes, candies, fruits, and wines. Nevertheless, it was all done within Yao Yuan’s stipulated limit. Their emergency stockpile of food was not to be touched. They were already using every single acre of fertile land o

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