The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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247 Reunion of Old Friends 4yr

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"It’s right in front, Ai Hui."

Right after Lou Lan spoke, the wall in front of them suddenly melted and collapsed, revealing a dark cavern.

Behind the three of them was a large passage about seven meters high and six meters wide. The entire passage was an astonishing 400 meters in length and was created by Lou Lan alone.

Lou Lan’s exceptional abilities often left Ai Hui feeling like a tourist.

Seeing Lou Lan’s entire process first hand, Shi Xueman could not resist offering incessant praise. "Lou Lan is amazing! Wow, truly amazing! Lou Lan is definitely the world’s most amazing sand puppet!"

Creating a 400-meter passage this deep underground was no mean feat. The ground was lined with huge, solid rocks and building a tunnel of this scale would probably require at least 10 earth elementalists working for an entire night. Lou Lan, however, was able to do it with ease, leaving Shi Xueman in awe.

Besides following the wrong person, Lou Lan did not seem to have any flaws.

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