The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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262 Protect Ai Hui! 4yr

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A grey shadow wriggled forward along the ground. It was extremely slow. Using the surrounding rubble as camouflage, it avoided everyone’s attention.

It suddenly stopped in its tracks and like water seeping into sand, the grey shadow permeated the shadows cast by a nearby pile of crushed rocks.

The fall of the flaming ape had captured everyone’s attention. Even Ai Hui did not notice what was going on beneath his feet.

"Ai Hui, be careful!"

Lou Lan’s warning sent a cold shiver down Ai Hui’s spine. Before he could react in time, his feet sank downward as if he had stepped into quicksand. A gloomy and cold aura penetrated his legs and rapidly spread up his body.

The turn of events had been too sudden, catching Ai Hui off guard. By the time he could react, both his feet had lost all feeling, becoming completely numb.

What was that?

The grey color extended through Ai Hui’s legs. They now looked extremely odd and scary, resembling two dried-up branches.

Ai Hui suddenl

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