Epoch of Twilight

Epoch of Twilight EOT

Author: Don't Play People for A Fool

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581 The Baja Civilization 2 years ago

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Did the humans gain any benefits from the Dicerebral Men?

From the data they gleaned, there were a few examples.

By solely looking at the annual energy expenditure, the Dicerebral Men's annual energy expenditure was about a hundred of a billionth in comparison to that of the humans. The amount of energy used by a vessel from the curvature war fleet had already exceeded the total amount of energy required by their entire civilization, let alone the huge differences in their technological advances.

If the humans wanted to eliminate the Dicerebral Civilization, it would be as easy as squashing an ant.

The difference in strength between both civilizations was unimaginably great. To the Dicerebral Civilization, they were probably of some use to the humans since the humans did not destroy them. However, the human civilization was only concerned with their image and the way they behaved within the cosmic plains.

In a famous sci-fi novel, there was mention of a law of a dark for

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