Martial Arts Master

Martial Arts Master MAM

Author: Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

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Translator: TransnEditor: Lucas, Transn

The plane soared through the air, sometimes steady and sometimes bumpy, as it approached the southern borders of China. 
Lin Que was secured to a stretcher with a ventilator attached. His extreme exhaustion made him fall into a deep slumber, unaware of his surroundings.
Lou Cheng, Ji Jianzhang, Dou Ning, and some military personnel sat around him, flipping through thick piles of classified information. They were printed based on the information they had acquired from the North Harbour Base.
According to the description inside, the underground laboratory had long been in existence, by now a historical building. Initially built as an air-raid shelter, it was eventually expanded to its present state. Two years ago, the laboratory's renovation brought in a research team, a combined effort between America and Japan, a sub-branch of AWP that switched over from high-tech devices to Genetic Guidance. Japan had previously conducted many experiments on Genetic Guidance and had expertise.

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